Social Innovation Hub - FCT Tripoli

The funds are being used for the empowerment of two communities: the Sunni Muslims of Bab al-Tebbaneh and the Alawite/Shia Muslims of Jabal Mohsen. It aims to revive businesses on ex-frontlines in Qobbe, Jabal Mohsen and Tabbaneh, focusing on social entrepreneurship and specifically targeting women, youth and persons with disabilities.


With the Jerusalem Foundation we are celebrating reaching £100K fundraised for Good Neighbors and Women’s Hub projects.


East Talpiot-Sur Baher / Tsur Baher

To date, about 250 women (about half from the neighborhood and about half from the village) have participated in the various programs, and acquired the ability to converse in the spoken Hebrew and Arabic language, got to know each other in depth and broke ground in joint community action. About 50 children and families participated in a series of joint activities for the neighborhood and the village, as well as 50 residentsfrom the Talpaz neighborhood who joined spoken Arabic classes that have opened in the past two years.


Abu Tor/Al-Thuri

Since its inception in 2014, more than 1500 people have participated in numerous projects like a twice weekly Language Café and courses offered in Hebrew and Arabic, joint youth soccer teams ages 6 and above with the sponsorship of InterCampus Milano, the Abu Tours educational tourism project, Abu Job economic developments projects including the online Directory of Local Services and a new project for employment readiness training and placement project with internships in the business, nonprofit and municipal bodies, a tri- lingual street library with a community garden, cultural programming and more have made great strides in the process of creation of shared community.


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The FCT Network Fund supports a dynamic network of people living in extreme circumstances and fragile political environments who wish to build a better and more peaceful future.

What do we do?

The FCT network fund is the fundraising arm of the Forum for Cities in Transition. This fund aims to raise awareness and financial assistance to support those living in cities in conflict. We aim to raise money to successfully fund cross community projects which meet our eligibility criteria. We will then provide ongoing technical assistance and monitor the social impact of each project, advising and supporting communities on the ground. Our goal is to a foster a philanthropic network of individuals, private companies and other like-minded-institutions to find real solutions to previously intractable problems.

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“Over 2 billion people live in fragile conflict zones, driving 80% of the world’s humanitarian needs. In these volatile circumstances, when the threat of violence is imminent and access to resources is limited, it is human duty, hand in hand, to lift people out of poverty and bring communities together in joint action. To solve crises and take a step towards a more peaceful place, we must lean on each other across the globe, for insights, for best practices and best values. By linking ordinary people and engaging all of us in cross community development, the forum for cities in transition seeks to nurture knowledge sharing and projects that will sustain an ethos of social solidarity, economic empowerment and inclusion so everyone has a chance at a dignified life. By coming together, we can help make a decent standard of living a reality for the many.”

James Holmes
FCT Global Director

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We’re looking for motivated and passionate individuals to join the FCT Ambassador Program. Get your own affiliate fundraising link, join the FCT ambassador Facebook group and work together with people from all over the world, create your own crowdfunding campaign and become a senior ambassador! The opportunities are endless. But most importantly you’ll be helping projects on the ground in cities in conflict.


Member Cities of the Forum, whether as an incorporated body or an agreed lead organisation within the city meet to debate, discuss and devise projects that will work towards sustainable growth and peace.


The fund then acts as a means of providing practical financial assistance for FCT member cities to work together and deliver outcomes pledged at global events of the Forum for Cities in Transition.


The fund fundraises for the incorporated body or agreed lead organisation of an FCT city group and/or the FCT Secretariat, as appropriate (and where eligible to receive funds, under UK law).


The fund will provide grant payments for agreed work, which will not be paid back.

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Chris Yates(Police Service of Northern Ireland)

"You cannot take our model for working and simply drop it in your own city ... (yet) I have been a police officer for 20 years, with a mass of experience that I would like to share some practical examples of how we deliver policing to the community."

Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad AshafaMuslim-Christian Interfaith Mediation Centre

"Our centre has been in existence for 16 years, building community bridges, resulting in 'safe spots' in Kaduna City; this model was shared with Eldoret, Kenya, and brought together its divided communities."

Hasan Turan Bauhalddin SaeedKirkuk Provincial Council

"Kirkuk is a city in transition; the rebuilding of Kirkuk and Iraq as a whole can only happen through the promotion of mutual respect, compassion and peace...Kurds, Turkmen, Arabs and Christians live together in the city, and brotherhood is promoted among all."

Lorraine DennisBelfast City Council

"Belfast City Council could not do any of its Good Relations community work without the excellent partnership among the public, private and voluntary sectors, which has been central to conflict transformation in the city."

Fathi MarshoodSHATIL

"My organisation's SHATIL project of Haifa as a Model City of Joint Living works to transform Haifa into a shared city based on partnership, respecting all residents and strengthening a mutual sense of ownership...I had the privilege of sharing the lessons and challenges of this project with fellow members of the Forum."

Chris YatesPolice Service of Northern Ireland

"You cannot take our model for working and simply drop it in your own city ... (yet) I have been a police officer for 20 years, with a mass of experience that I would like to share some practical examples of how we deliver policing to the community."