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Values of Family Workshops:

The role of mother and father and their importance in the family.

Funded by Chikun local government in Kaduna, and organised by the elementary school of  L.G.E.A Sabon Gari Nassarawa Kaduna.

Eshak Felix and  Iliyasu Muhammad, FCT Kaduna Delegates supported and organised the coordination of the entire workshop and provide training to teachers on vocal speech on elementary school and peace training across communities. The 320 children are coming from communities of Agwa, Nassarawa, Kudenden and Ungwan Takai.

Eshak, the trainer of FCT Kaduna says “students were excited in participating in the  event and expressing their ideas and thoughts on family. It’ s important to encourage them to engage students coming from diverse communities of Kaduna in these and similar topics for peace building and reconciliation in the region.”