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Derry was the epicentre of the Conflict in the North of Ireland. An extremely divided society, it has experienced ongoing sectarian division and discrimination. Derry is often described as the starting point for the 40 year conflict in the North of Ireland. An extremely divided society, it has experienced ongoing sectarian division and troubles. In the mid-90s, tensions around the Apprentice Boys’ parades through Derry in August and December, exacerbated by the standoff at Drumcree in Portadown, had led to widespread rioting in the city Centre. Through the good work of the Bloody Sunday Trust and local key Cross Community stakeholders the “Derry Model” was born out of an agreement reached over these local parades, which successfully brought together the loyal order of the Apprentice Boys of Derry, local residents and representatives from the business community.

Ongoing work since then and the continued development of the Derry Model has ensured that the Waterside/Cityside, Protestant and Catholic, Unionist and Nationalist are able to rise above their own divisions in the City and work together towards peace building and conflict transformation.

Therefore, the people of Derry are in the best position to help people in other divided societies. Former protagonists involved in the Conflict are best equipped to share their difficult journeys- this is what the Derry Model achieves and is our justification for developing it further for other divided societies to mirror.

However, if we do not continually address the causes of conflict in the City, if the grievances remain, unaddressed, if processes to nurture reconciliation are not promoted (especially at the community level within the City), then we will see an escalation in community tensions and the undoing of many years of good work. One immediate example of this is during the summer just past where there was trouble for the first time in a long time relating to the local Apprentice Boys Parade. Derry has achieved much in relation to Conflict transformation where others struggle. However, the fragility of the situation has been recently exposed by the reaction to the prosecution of a British Solider and by the events surrounding the Apprentice Boys parade in the city in August just past. It is vital therefore that we enhance the positive work and deal with the challenges.


  1. To offer support to peace model that has been successful in mitigating violence
  2. To continue the reconciliation dialogue between the two communities


  1. To define “the Derry Model” and develop consensus on this as a brand
  2. To assess ongoing progress of the Derry Model
  3. To develop a clear and concise business plan, future objectives and strategies for the Derry Model, to include the Conflict Transformation Hub.
  4. This project Ensure we continue and enhance the work of “Derry Model” post 2021. The Hub will capture the conflict transformation learning and allow others nationally and internationally who struggle with conflict related and social justice issues to tap into this resource. The Conflict Transformation hub will be the legacy announced on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday in 2022.
Delivery of a business case for a Conflict Transformation Hub in Derry City and Strabane District Council area- supported by a Program Advisory Group with membership from 12 organizations namely; The Playhouse; Ulster University; North West Regional College; City Centre Initiative; Derry City and Strabane District Council; Holywell Trust; Bloody Sunday Trust; Siege Museum; Museum of Free Derry;, An Culturlann, Foyle Women’s Information Network, Wave Trauma Group
Direct Beneficiaries currently include Ex loyalist and Ex Republican combatants, Former British Army, Communities struggling with parading issues, Communities disengaged from peace process and families effected by British State violence.
At Present 600 participants will directly benefit over the 4 years of the project. It is envisaged that project beneficiaries could be at least 300 participants annually.
Direct/ Indirect beneficiaries will be the population and profile of the city of Derry. As the Derry Model Hub develops this will become part of the unique selling point in the city in terms of its tourism destination
Project Owner: Bloody Sunday Trust ( Member of FCT Derry- Londonderry)
DERRY MODEL OFFICIAL LAUNCH 30.04.2018 – Museum of Free Derry